Kids and family tours in Rome

Feel free to explore Rome with your kids! Visiting such a wonderful town can be an incredible experience for children and adults alike. Though you may think that tours may at times be exhausting, all my tours have proved to be entertaining for everyone. Tours are super fun, engaging and informative and children will be able to learn so much. Just select a tour of your preference and you won't regret it!


Discover the Ancient Rome and its Jewish history

Let’s explore the Colosseum in a scavenger hunt for little adventurers.  During this tour the kids will have fun while learning a lot about the symbol of the Roman Empire and its Jewish history.  We will talk about the gladiators and the shows that took place in what it was considered to be the heart of entertainment of Rome. Walking in the ancient Roman ruins searching for inscriptions and hidden details, families will visit the Arch of Titus where it is carved the Menorah, the Palatine Hill where Rome was founded and the Emperors palace was located. The tour will continue visiting the Roman Forum, where the two baby brothers Romolus and Remo were saved by the Shewolf, and it will end  with a little surprise for your little explorers.

Tour di Roma per bambini e Famiglie

Magical Rome Squares and fountains

This walking tour is particularly suitable for children and families. Will start from the Spanish Steps/Trinità dei Monti obelix, one of the most famous squares of Rome and the heart of Baroque period and fashion brands, we will keep on walking to reach Trevi’s Fountain where you could see a unique piece dedicated to the triumph of the water and of course, you must toss a coin. Then we will continue towards the Temple of Hadrian, where you will be able to see how still today an ancient Roman times building is used by institutions.  Master piece build in the early period of the Roman Empire, we are going to visit the Pantheon (one of the best preserved ancient roman monuments of all Rome) and finally we will reach Navona square (famous stadium built by the Emperor Domitian during the ancient Roman times, and where long time after in 17th century, the Baroque artist Gianlorenzo Bernini located one of his masterpiece “the fountain of the 4 rivers”).  Leaving the square we will visit the well-known marketplace of Campo de Fiori and the first part of the tour will end in the Jewish quarter a must see in Rome, where we will have a nice and delicious lunch at one of the restaurants there where you will be able to taste the authentic dishes of the Roman cuisine. 


Medium Virtutis tour

Romans use to say that Virtue is in the middle, so here we suggest you a Walking and Private driver tour. The walking tour starts at Teatro Marcello (dated back before the creation of the Roman Empire) towards the Capitolium the most important of the Seven Hills of Rome, from there we will stroll in Venezia Square and see the white Vittoriano monument, and from there we will walk on the Imperial fora street to the stunning Colosseum. From the Colosseum the driver will us and take us to see, the circus Maximus, to see three nations from the keyhole, the Janiculum hill and the Vatican/Saint Peter Basilica where the first Pope in history was buried and you will be able to see the famous balcony from where the new elected Pope introduce himself to the community.  


Vatican Museums tour for Jewish families

Into the museums of the Pope, kids will have the chance to discover the hidden Jewish history behind the marvellous frescos of the Sistine Chapel made by Michelangelo. Families will explore in a fun and kids’ friendly way the amazing galleries and courtyards, full of marble statues and beautiful decorations. Also here your little adventurers will have to be ready for a.scavenger hunt with a little surprise at the end.
Kids and family tours in Rome

Scavenger hunt: Jewish ghetto

Have you ever thought about involving your children in a TREASURE HUNT in the Jewish ghetto of ROME?

Well, get ready, because in my kids tours I will be providing this absolutely NEW service!

Explore the Jewish Quarter and the history of the Jewish people of Rome with a specialized and professional guide who speaks perfect English, who is great with children and makes the tour engaging for your whole family!
During the scavenger hunt your family will also explore the Jewish museum and two synagogues.


All tours last from 2 to 4 hours, they can be combined together and shaped around your needs. Lunch and dinner can be reserved at the typical Jewish kosher restaurants in the Jewish ghetto area according to your preferences, chalavi or basari. 

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